Dan Grant Introduction

Despite losing the league to James and Elliot, I saw last year’s season (this was my debut season) as an overall success. It’s worth mentioning that not being used to when to play triple captain, who is having double game weeks and when to play the all-important wildcard did set me back a bit, however with this new found knowledge I way more confident than I did back then.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom last year though, in fact for large portions of the season I was really in the running for first place (by “large portions of the season” I literally mean for a week or two). Furthermore my defence was solid throughout the year (something I hope to implement into the upcoming league), and who could forget my midseason triple captaining of Harry Kane bagging 4 goals and silencing both James and Elliot (shhhhh).

Also please allow me to enter the realm of statistics real quick. My good friend and work colleague Elliot Preston finished 1.4 millionth in the world on his debut season, whilst I finished 400,000th in the world in mine. Surely then, this would make me 1,000,000 times better than him at fantasy football.

Furthermore, James’ lack of transfer window information is sure to prove key this season, as I’m fairly sure that if me and Elliot told him Benzema had just moved to West Brom he’d be signing in trying to sign him. Worrying times for that man, but I guess it’s just another reason why I’ll win this year.

So after a rollercoaster ride of a first season with plenty of ups and downs, allow me to present to you the 2017/18 Fantasy Football winning team name: Dan’s Baguettes.

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