Flog It Bingo’s Pay Day jackpot is better than ever with even more ways to win real cash prizes!

That’s right, all roomies now have the chance to win without actually winning. Confused? Here’s how it works…

All in all, the Pay Day Jackpot has £2000 up for grabs every time it’s played and the prizes are broken down as follows:

£1250 is waiting to be won across the 1 line, 2 line and full house wins.

  • One Line – £250
  • Two Lines – £400
  • Full House – £600

If you didn’t manage to bingo on any prizes above, but finished with either 1, 2 of 3 to go when the full house prize is won you will still win some cash.

  • All Players who get 1tg share – £250
  • All Players who get 2tg share – £250
  • All Players who get 3tg share – £250

This special Pay Day Jackpot plays on the last day of every month at 8pm. You can pre-purchase your tickets all month prior to the game for just 50p each.

Plus, even if you’re not online when the game play’s your per-purchased tickets will automatically play for you!

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